AusVeg welcomes Rudd’s support of Aussie agribusiness sector

AusVeg chief executive, Richard Mulcahy has welcomed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s stance on the importance of the nation’s Agribusiness sector.

Rudd has stated that as the mining boom is coming to a close, it is of paramount importance that Australia invests in Australian food producers rather than the nation placing  “all of its eggs in one basket.”

Mulcahy told the Weekly Times Now that he was pleased to hear that key politicians are acknowledging the importance of the Nation’s agribusiness sector.  

"It is time for Australian politicians to recognise the importance of agriculture to our economy," he said.

"The mining boom is coming to an end, and we need to embrace the dining boom, which will be led by Australian food producers.

"The future leaders of our country must assist all Australian food producers in accessing and developing export markets. The produce grown by our farmers is some of the best in the world and it is imperative that Australian growers can easily meet the growing demand for our food overseas."

The future of Australia’s agribusiness sector is a topic of much contention at present. Key Australian food producers such as SPC Ardmona and Simplot have cut hundreds of jobs and supplier contracts sighting an influx in cheap imports and raising overheads as core reasons.

A productivity commission is also currently being undertaken to assess whether the Australian food processing industry is eligible for World Trade Organisation emergency safeguards which would protect local industry by imposing tariffs on selected imported produce.


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