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food manufacturing

Rising from the ashes

When it comes to an industry as broad as food manufacturing, it is hard to be one of a kind. Primarily supplying to the foodservice market, Phoenix Frozen Foods is Australia’s only vertically integrated potato product manufacturer, overseeing the lifecycle of the product from farm to plate.
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Food safe bearings save local snacks

From meat pies, to lamingtons, to fairy bread – it’s no secret that Australians love their snacks. Australia is home to a few iconic homegrown snack brands with the industry peaking in demand last year at an annual revenue of more than 4.2 million AUD, according to Statista.
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Food and Beverage gets a leg up from CRAM

Starting out as a four-person hydraulics workshop in 1994, CRAM is now an internationally recognised engineering company under Motion Australia. Their team of 1,800 employees spans across 180 locations, offering valued support to the mining, manufacturing and fabrication industries.
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Preserving Biodiversity with Advancements in Animal Reproductive Technology

Life is the precursor to science; therefore, it would be fair to say that it is in the interest of science to preserve life. In this article, Thermo Fisher Scientific takes a closer look at the evolution of artificial insemination for breeding animals; how it is being used to protect and preserve life through biodiversity; and the right tools and certifications for these processes.

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Harvesting the macadamia boom in Bundaberg

The macadamia is finally getting its moment in the sun. Australian macadamia growers have been experiencing bumper crops in recent years, with annual production quantities reaching more than 50,000 tonnes in 2021, according to the Australian Macadamia Society.1 
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Fine filtration, from grape to glass

Whether it’s an acclaimed Shiraz from the lush coastal climates of McClaren Vale; a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from the rolling hills of the Riverina Region; or a cool Sparkling Wine from Tamar Valley—3M Purification understands the importance of the purification process for creating award-winning Australian wines.
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CBC engineers save the day for a local school fundraiser

For CBC’s Tony Voiklis, engineering opportunities are part of day-to-day business. But every so often a unique solution opportunity comes along that allows him to truly make a difference in the community. When an Adelaide local school was unable to host their annual fundraiser due to an engineering roadblock, Tony stepped up to keep things rolling. 
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Safe passage from keg or cask to glass

The food and beverage industry in Australia is subject to regulations that align with ANSI requirements and promote acceptance by USDA and FDA regulatory authorities. “Beverage producers such as wineries and breweries must ensure that the pump and valve equipment on site are in accordance with hygienic standards and guidelines and do not compromise the quality of their product,” says Michael Rowe.
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Big Baking: The breadwinners of Adelaide

We have all heard of big data, but how about big baking? The Australian bread making industry is as robust as its grain production. Unlike a local bakery, large scale baking operations require much larger ovens and mixmasters that spin for extended periods to make bread dough.
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Not All Biosafety Cabinets Are Created Equally

For more than five decades, researchers around the globe have spent thousands of hours in front of Thermo Fisher Scientific biosafety cabinets (BSCs). Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Herasafe 2025 takes the lead on the latest in innovative biological safety cabinets by introducing a brand-new iteration of its predecessors, which includes independent supply and exhaust blowers, real-time airflow compensation and a digital airflow verification system.

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Supplying food-safe solutions to a Melbourne Brewery

Founded in 2012, the Deeds Brewing facility in Glen Iris is a relatively fresh addition to the Melbourne craft beer scene. From humble beginnings brewing from home, the decision to open a brewing facility was born of a very simple ethos the team at Deeds adhere to: they brew beer that they would want to drink. 
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A tale of two compressors

Finding the right compressor for the job is easier said than done. That is why Motion Industrial Centre Technical Experts like Jamie Robertson are there — to relieve that pressure. 
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going green

Going green and staying sweet

Tropico understands better than most businesses that when sugar dries, it sticks to everything. This can make cleaning the equipment a challenge without the right type of cleaning product.
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