Automated temperature control systems

New Zealand-based food technology company IBEX has won the New Zealand Deloitte/Unlimited Fast 50; Fastest Growing Manufacturer Award, Fastest Growing Exporter Award and 3rd Fastest Growing Company in the country.

Central to IBEX’s success is the development of its automated temperature control system (TCS), a revolutionary patented technology developed in New Zealand that enables producers to freeze or chill product cost effectively, while it is automatically tracked and sorted to any predetermined output.

The TCS integrates several tasks that happen concurrently.

Sorting and tracking product during the chilling or freezing process saves time and space, reduces product damage and provides full product tracking.

The system is also said to allow better inventory management systems, reduced cold storage areas and improved product quality.

IBEX offer these systems at no capital cost, based on a fixed price per kilo process.

In countries such as Brazil, now an agricultural super power, IBEX has secured almost 50% market share in four years and is now dealing with all the major beef and poultry producers.

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