Automatic strapping machine

As a global manufacturer and distributer of protective packaging systems and accessories, customers can rely on Signode to provide them with all their packaging essentials. Signode’s close relationships with customers mean Signode products are constantly evolving to meet customers changing needs.

The company has introduced the Predator 2 range consisting of a new and improved stretch wrapper and strapping machines. With improved features the machines are loaded with noticeable differences designed to improve customer productivity and efficiency.

The Predator 12 SS is an automatic strapping machine specifically designed for the meat, poulty and fish processing industries. This full body stainless steel machine protects products and the machine from rust and corrosive environments that are exposed to water.

The Predator 12 SS can improve with automatic strap loading and the capability of strapping up to 30 cartons per minute. (depending on carton size) Any miss fed straps are simply and swiftly corrected with the Predators automatic cut and refeed feature.

When strap runs out, the last piece us automatically ejected from the machine. With up to 70kg adjustable tension, the Predator can secure with either light or heavy export cartons.

Features include:

  • Up to 30 straps per minute (dependent on carton size)
  • Automatic strap loading in less than 10 seconds
  • Automatic strap eject for coil changes
  • Automatic strap cycle area
  • Strap cut and refeed
  • Mechanical tension adjustment for up to 70kg
  • Heavy duty locking castors
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Full stainless steel body
  • Food switch (included)
  • Full 12-month warranty

All Signode machines are manufactured with safety front of mind. Each machine is tested and tagged, supplied with a risk assessment and manufacturer’s CE European manufacturing rating. Signode’s national service team also provide technical support, preventative maintenance and emergancy onsite emergancy breakdown.

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