Automation seminar for food processing and packaging sectors

Omron will hold a free seminar, addressing automation technologies and their effectiveness in areas like safety, productivity, tracking, counterfeiting, and product recalls.

The three FTAs Australia has signed with China, Japan and South Korea present unprecedented openings for the Australian food industry. But to fully capitalise on these opportunities, food processors will need to overcome some major challenges.

The company’s team of engineers will introduce the latest technology that can add value to your business. They will hold demonstrations, run videos and discuss real life applications.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Quality – Visual inspection systems can avert product recalls that are both costly and damaging to reputation. Machine vision solutions can help automate meat colour grading, expiry date, 360-degree labelling solutions, etc.
  • Productivity – Automation and robotics can counter high labour costs by improving efficiency. Mobile and fixed robotic solutions for packaging, processing & logistics applications will be discussed.
  • Safety – Protect workers from harsh and dangerous environments by controlling machinery. Omron can do risk assessment for safety applications.
  • Traceability – By using “big data” and IoT (Internet of Things), products can be tracked from paddock to plate. Big data solutions can use RFID, 2D/1D bar codes and databases.
  • Simplicity – A single, future proof automation platform – Sysmac – is here now. It integrates control, motion, safety, robotics and sensing technologies into one platform.

The seminar takes place in Brisbane on 29 July.

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