Avallen Calvados appoints new Australian distribution partner

Avallen Calvados appoints new Australian distribution partner

Beverage manufacturer Avallen Calvados’ partnership with Noble Spirits will secure the brand’s place in the Australian market as a leading choice for purveyors of quality spirits and conscious citizens alike.

Australia is a vitally important market for Avallen.

In a country where Calvados is already a popular spirits choice, the Australian bar scene is booming, with venues experimenting and serving up high-quality drinks and cocktails to the discerning population. And discerning is an appropriate description for Australian citizens.

Research carried out by Monash University showed that eight out of ten Australians were concerned about Climate Change, a conclusion that’s no surprise given that the island nation is one threatened by climate-related wildfires, flooding, and habitat extinction.

Avallen’s climate-positive Calvados has already enjoyed key successes in the territory, such as iconic listings in popular city bars like ‘Maybe Sammy’ and ‘RE’ – the latter considered by many to be the world’s most sustainable bar.

Founded by French entrepreneur Gregoire Bertaud, Noble Spirits is an Australian spirits distributor that promotes ‘mindful drinking’ and actively encourages spirit selection based on conscious living.

This, combined with Bertaud’s appreciation of Calvados and Avallen’s production in Normandy – gives the distributor a unique understanding of the company’s place in the Australian market.

Tim Etherington-Judge, Avallen’s co-founder said of the new partnership, “Noble Spirits are an ideal partner for Avallen, given that we’re matched on so many values, but most particularly on our ethos of sustainable drinking.

“We know that Australian citizens are deeply concerned about climate change. We know that the bar scene out there is keen to embrace disruptive brands. And we know just how much good we’re doing and how great-tasting our Calvados is.

“I think this is the start of something truly great for us and I’m buzzing for my upcoming trip to Sydney to shout about everything we are and all that we do.”

To celebrate the launch of the new partnership, Etherington-Judge will be in Sydney mid-September 2023 where he will demonstrate, to industry buffs and citizens alike, how Avallen is revolutionising the category.

It’s not just a climate-positive spirit that tackles biodiversity. It’s also a brand that puts people, planet, and prosperity at the heart of its operations and it’s a fresh approach to a category that’s driven by the same producers and traditional flavours.

Avallen is a flexible ingredient, it can be enjoyed neat over ice for those who like dark spirits, mixed long with tonic to satisfy gin drinkers, and can be mixed into a variety of cocktails in place of other spirits that boast less impressive climate credentials.

Bertaud said of the appointment, “I have personally been following Avallen for quite some time and I’ve been amazed about the quality of their Calvados, their vision and what they have achieved so far.

“Since our launch in 2014, Noble Spirits have been proud to represent beverage brands with a strong ethos and sustainability has been one of our core values. Having a delicious Calvados that gives bees a boost AND is genuinely sustainable is a perfect addition to our portfolio.

“We are very excited to partner up with Tim and Stephanie and can’t wait to hit the road with Avallen.”

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