Bag sealer validation application

Manufacturers undertaking pouch sealing operations can monitor and intercept faults, and therefore ensure the integrity of seals.

They can do this by utilising a pair of FUTEK LLB130 load cells to monitor the force applied to pouches during the sealing process.

This is important because tears and partially broken seals are not always apparent and can result in spoilage and unusable products. Therefore, verification of the heat sealing force is critical, as over or under applied sealing force can cause premature failure of the seal.

How it Works:

As pictured, a pair of Subminiature Button Load Cells are placed so the force exerted on the heater bars by the packaging can be measured.

As the pouch moves through the heater bars for sealing, the bars are forced outward, resulting in the load cell buttons measuring the applied force.

Utilising two load cells ensures that the heater bars are spread apart evenly and functioning correctly mechanically.

The resulting load cell output is then amplified by the IAA series analog amplifiers for input into the PLC allowing for fault monitoring and pouch seal validation.

The products used in this application include FUTEK’s Subminiature Button Load Cell (LLB Series) paired with the IAA Series analog amplifier for feedback into a PLC.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics.


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