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Bakers Delight addresses gut health concerns in Australian households


Launching its new Prebiotic Cape Seed Loaf with BARLEYmax, Bakers Delight is tackling Australians’ half-baked approach to maintaining a happy gut. 

After selling approximately 26 million of its cult-favourite Cape Seed Loaf over the past 20 years, Bakers Delight has launched a new and improved version with the same great taste and even more health benefits. 

According to The Gut Health Foundation, 50 per cent of Australians have gut health issues, with one in seven experiencing distressing symptoms. Given fibre plays a major role in our overall digestive health, it’s clear many Australians aren’t getting enough of it in their diet. 

Rolling out across all stores nationwide this month, Bakers Delight’s popular loaf will still feature the all-important six grains and seeds, now with the addition of BARLEYmax to boost gut health and assist in lowering cholesterol. 

Bakers Delight’s product development and compliance specialist, Eloisa Lopez, said regular consumption of the BARLEYmax ingredient, in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet, could be extremely beneficial in supporting a healthy gut microbiome. 


“Introducing BARLEYmax to our beloved Cape Seed Loaf will deliver our customers additional health benefits, with the same great taste. Adding this 100 per cent natural wholegrain to one of our best-selling loaves means Aussies can increase their fibre intake,” she said. 

“While Bakers Delight has been serving Aussies across the country the freshest baked goods for more than 40 years, we place great importance on evolving our offering and listening to the wants and needs of our customers. It’s clear we need to focus on our gut health, and we’re proud to be launching the new and improved Prebiotic Cape Seed Loaf with BARLEYmax to help address growing concerns.” 

BARLEYmax was created by the CSIRO to help people improve bowel health. A high fibre wholegrain with high levels of resistant starch, BARLEYmax has a low glycaemic index and since 2009 has been used in breakfast cereals, muesli bars, food wraps, rice mixes and bread. 

The unique blend of fibres in the BARLEYmax wholegrain has four times the level of resistant starch of most grains and has 70 per cent more beta-glucan than oats. 

Bakers Delight is also encouraging Australians to take part in the 14 Day Gut Health Challenge, developed in collaboration with the CSIRO, to experience the gut-happy results for themselves. The 14-day Gut Health Challenge will see participants follow a fibre-rich diet, through easy and delicious recommended recipes. More information about the challenge can be found here. 

The new loaf will be available to Australians for $7 and is the perfect addition to any breakfast spread, packed lunch or after school snack, supporting a healthy and happy gut. 

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