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Barilla ‘Family Favourites’ Pasta Sauce Range

Product name: Barilla 'Family Favourites' Pasta Sauce Range

Product manufacturer: Barilla

Ingredients: Red Wine & Garlic variety: tomatoes 72,8% (puree, chopped), onion, rehydrated garlic 9,1%, red wine 3%, sugar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, wine vinegar, oregano 0.07%

Shelf life: Bolognese and Red Wine & Garlic have a shelf life of 22 months and the Cheese & Tomato Pasta Bake has a shelf life of 18 months.

Packaging: Each sauce is packaged in a slim-line 575g jar

Product manager: Carly King

Brand website: https://barilla.net.au

What the company says
Barilla's new 'Family Favourites' pasta sauce range is designed to be a deliciously convenient Italian meal solution for Australian families.

Packaged in a slim-line 575g jar, the three new sauces include Cheese & Tomato Pasta Bake, Red Wine & Garlic and a delicious base for Australia’s most popular family dinner, Spaghetti Bolognese.

Like all Barilla pasta sauces, they are made from all natural ingredients, are gluten free, have no added preservatives and eight to 10 whole Italian tomatoes in each jar.


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