Barleymax collaborates with Alpine on new bread range

The Healthy Grain (THG) has collaborated with Alpine Breads on Alpine Breads Heart Fibre and Alpine Breads Heart Wholemeal.

Developed in Benalla, Victoria, the innovative range is made with THG ingredient, Barleymax, a wholegrain that is said to deliver health benefits. According to the makers, consumption of Barleymax can lower the risk of wide-spread chronic health concerns including cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer and diabetes.

Developed by the CSIRO, Barleymax is a non-GM wholegrain that promotes good gut and heart health. With a range of beneficial fibres that help to achieve a healthy gut microbiome, it packs a nutritional punch.

Its inclusion in the bread range delivers a minimum of 1g of beta-glucan per serve which, according to the makers, can lower the amount of biliary cholesterol that is re-absorbed by the body as part of a diet containing 3g of beta- glucan per day. Barleymax contains 40% more beta-glucan than oats (on average).

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