Barry Callebaut, Malaysian Cocoa Board to develop cocoa beans in Malaysia

Chocolate brand, Barry Callebaut and Malaysian Cocoa Board have announced they will be cooperating on developing superior quality cocoa and chocolate from Malaysia.

The collaborative research project is aimed to improve the Malaysian cocoa bean quality, focusing on optimising cocoa taste, enhancing the amount of functional components and altering colour, Barry Callebaut said.

According to the company, it will apply and assess different microbial starter cultures, which they have developed, for a “controlled fermentation” process. Controlled fermentation with defined micro-organisms provides consistent, predictable and superior cocoa bean quality, improving the cocoa bean flavour.

“Due to current growth limitations in cocoa supply from Ivory Coast – the world’s largest cocoa producing country – and our growing demand for cocoa, we have a strategic need to diversify our cocoa origins,” Barry Callebaut CEO Juergen Steinemann said.

“Malaysia is the largest cocoa grinding country in Asia; Malaysian grinders import beans from Africa to make high-flavour cocoa products. Controlled fermentation will allow us to match the taste of Malaysian cocoa with the taste of West African cocoa.”

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