Be first out of the stalls in 2008

The FOOD Magazine Challenge Awards recognise and reward food and drink processors that most successfully demonstrate product innovation and excellence.

Entries are now open!

Has your company launched a product onto the market in the past year? If so, then why not enter the FOOD Challenge Awards?

As a processor, nominating your company for a FOOD Magazine Challenge Award is an excellent way of recognising all the effort and hard work your company has put in over the past year.

Entry is free.

Why enter?

There is a considerable amount of associated free publicity in entering the FOOD Challenge Awards:

• Finalists will feature in at least one issue of FOOD Magazine, as well as on the website.

• Winners will feature in at least two issues of FOOD Magazine, as well as on the website, and follow-up features are likely.

• Winners are able to use the Awards logo on marketing literature and packaging.

The awards are open to all companies, regardless of size, that have a food or drink processing presence in Australia.

There are 10 award categories with entrants required to demonstrate product innovation in ingredients, processing, food safety, packaging, marketing and, where applicable, exports.

How to enter

Click here for an entry form.

These should be forwarded to The Editor as soon as possible.

When do entries close?

The deadline for entries is April 1, 2008, but early entries are strongly recommended.

Don’t delay

To register your interest, contact The Editor.

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