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Be Natural Porridge Range

Product name: Be Natural Porridge Range

Product manufacturer: Kellogg’s

Ingredients: Wholegrains (Rolled rye, rolled barley and rolled oats)

Shelf life: One year

Packaging: Eco-friendly resealable and reusable canister

Brand website: https://www.benatural.com.au

What the company says
Be Natural add three new additions to the Be Natural Porridge Range. The all new Be Natural 3 Grain Porridge has three flavours to choose from: Pink Lady Apple, Flame Raisin and Coconut; Honey; and classic Original.

In keeping with the Be Natural promise, the 3 Grain Porridge range has been carefully crafted and packed full of the good stuff, combining some of nature’s best wholegrains including rye, barley and traditional creamy oats. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, the Be Natural porridge range is made with only the finest, and most flavoursome natural ingredients.

It’s quick and easy to prepare in just 90 seconds, and of course it’s up to you if you boil or microwave, what milk you use or whether you go with the lighter option of water… Whatever you choose, the great taste will remain the same.

Be Natural 3 Grain Porridge is packed in an innovative, eco-friendly and resealable canister, maintaining the freshness and goodness that nature intended. And its lid allows you to measure the exact quantity of a single serve – so forget gluggy or overly dry porridge! The creative canister can also be reused to store your herbal teabags or as a money box for loose change to buy your next batch of seedlings!


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