Beak & Sons Preservative Free Sausages

Product name: Beak & Sons Preservative Free Sausages

Product manufacturer: Beak & Johnston

Ingredients: [The Italian] – pork (88%), water, tapioca starch, salt, stock powder, natural flavour, nutmeg, paprika, fennel, parsley, black pepper, chili, star aniseed, natural hog casing

Shelf life: Ten days

Packaging: plastic trays

Product manager: Lisa White

Brand website:

What the company says
Enjoy guilt-free sausages on the BBQ this year! Beak & Sons have developed four new varieties of preservative free sausages that maintain the flavour that Beaks & Sons is famous for.

The four new flavours include two beef varieties; Mediterranean Herb, and Pepper & Thyme, and two pork; Old English and The Italian.


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