Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas

Product name: Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas

Product manufacturer: Bean Supreme

Ingredients: Chickpeas (51%), Broad Beans (13%), Onions, Vegetable Oil, Water, Burghul Wheat, Couscous (Wheat), Wheat Gluten, Rice Starch, Sea Salt, Spice, Garlic, Parsley

Shelf life: 80 days

Packaging: Good quality stand up pouch with a recipe on the back of the packet

Product manager: Dean Epps

Brand website:

What the company says 
Bean Supreme Falafel Koftas are made from carefully selected chickpeas, broad beans and fresh herbs – all blended together to create a convenient and delicious snack or meal.

They are also great threaded onto skewers and lightly barbecued.


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