Beckhoff measurement technology leaves the control cabinet

Beckhoff measurement technology leaves the control cabinet

The EPP3504-0023 EtherCAT P Box is designed for the evaluation of measuring bridges in full-bridge, half-bridge and quarter-bridge configuration.

It also supports the potentiometer, Pt1000 (RTD) and ±10 V measuring ranges. It is derived from the ELM3504 EtherCAT Terminal and features a sampling rate of 10,000 sps, internal switchable supplementary resistors, and an integrated, parametrizable bridge supply.

It also features the same technological properties as the ELM3x0x terminals – i.e., all parameters can be set via EtherCAT using the CoE directory. The EPP3504-0023 is designed for use in close proximity to the measurement site in a protected environment and is therefore equipped with IP20 bridge connections.

The EPP3504 0023 devices are in continuous development, both in terms of new devices and new software functions. As a result, settings that can be found in delivered devices, e.g. in the CoE/ PDO/DC dialogs, may not yet be documented. The use of such non-documented features is not permitted unless it is done under the express supervision of Beckhoff Support.

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