Beerenberg releases ultimate Aussie BBQ rules

SOUTH Australian-based sauce and jam maker Beerenberg, has compiled the ultimate list of Aussie BBQ Protocols as part of their Aussie BBQ Legends competition.

In aim the to create the definitive guide to acceptable barbie behaviour, Beerenberg received contributions from around the nation.

Some of these protocols include:

Classic protocols: “No one tampers with the cooking except the cook.”

Expert tips: “When bringing your own meat to a barbie one must always ensure one only consumes someone else’s steak that is of a better quality then the one they provided.”

Family tips: “Teach child from early age if they come near the grill they have to eat double their vegies. Never had an injury yet!”

Gibes at the new generation: “Real BBQs don’t have wok burners. They consist of a hotplate, hotter than Satan’s tongue, seasoned by eons of built-up grease and augmented with a small grill area for decorative scorching if you’re the fancy pants type.”

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