Bega and Blackmores to develop infant formula

Women unable to breastfeed will soon be able to purchase a high quality infant formula developed through a recent partnership between Bega Cheese Ltd and Blackmores Limited.

Using a combination of Blackmores’ expertise in health and Bega’s expertise in dairy manufacturing, the two Australian brands are aligning on sustainably sourcing ingredients and corporate values to deliver nutritional products to mothers across Australia and Asia.

According to Chairman of Bega Cheese Ltd, Barry Irvin, “We are aware from our presence in the Asia region that there is significant demand for infant formula and we believe that, with the combination of Blackmores and Bega, we are uniquely positioned to support those women unable to breastfeed.”

A range of Blackmores and Tatura products will be developed to ensure that products meet the high demand for infant formula whilst maintaining a high standard of quality. 


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