Bega Group announces partnership with Naked Life Lifestyle beverages

Bega Group have today revealed that they will be adding the Naked Life Group’s (NLG’s) lifestyle beverage range to their portfolio.

This partnership will see the Bega Group take on sales, marketing and distribution of NLG’s better for you lifestyle beverage range. From September 2023, the Bega Group will be the exclusive distributor of NLG’s lifestyle beverage range including soda, iced tea, bubble tea and sparkling nootropics (excluding their non-alcoholic cocktail, spirits, and mixers range), enabling these products to become more widely available to the Australian market through the strength of the Bega Group’s sales team and supply chain.

Darryn Wallace, Executive General Manager, Bega Dairy and Drinks notes that today is a proud day for the business.

“The Bega Group is excited to take another step towards achieving its business purpose of creating great food for a better future,” Wallace said.

“Our passion for high-quality Australian food and beverages coupled with almost 125 years of experience makes us the perfect fit to bring Naked Life’s range to more Aussies.”

“This partnership has offered us an exciting opportunity to round out the Group’s beverage portfolio.”

David Andrew, Managing Director and Founder of Naked Life explains what today’s announcement means for Naked Life.

“As a startup Australian business, the opportunity to work with the Bega Group, one of Australia’s most trusted food and beverage businesses is extremely exciting,” Andrew said.

“This partnership will be a key part to fulfilling our goal of delivering our promise of tasty refreshing drinks with low or no sugar to more Australians, and to become Australia’s largest better for you beverage business.”

Naked Life’s lifestyle beverage range comes in 100% recyclable 250ml-350ml cans and is available from selected retailers across Australia from today.

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