Bega urges consumer support for Australian owned milk


Bega executive chairman, Barry Irvin, is urging consumers to think about the milk that they purchase and the impact of their purchasing decisions.

Irvin explained that when consumers purchase a Bega owned brand of milk, such as Dairy Farmers or PURA, they are backing brands that support the dairy farming community and supply Australians with world-class dairy, year-round.  

The dairy supply chain* has not been immune to rising inflationary costs hitting Australian business and consumers.  

Bega believes that great quality milk is worth paying for, and is committed to supplying Australians with world class dairy. This commitment helps ensure consumers are getting the best quality milk, and Bega’s farming communities are supported.  

“From the unpredictability of floods, fires, or pandemics, our dairy farming communities have had the resilience to keep going to provide us, year-round, with world class Australian milk. Bega is paying its dairy farming network more across Australia this year as compared to previous years which will help farmers manage increased cost pressures across their farms,” Irvin said. 

“We have a great belief in the future of the Australian dairy industry and we’re proud to offer financial support to our dairy farming communities through initiatives such as the Better Farms Program, backing eligible dairy farmers’ big ideas to continue moving Aussie dairy forward.”

Bega’s Better Farms Program* makes up to $1.1 million worth of financial grants available to eligible dairy farmers* in its network through the program each year – and so far, over 620 projects have been completed since the program’s inception in 2018.  

For dairy farmer, Amie McEveilly, from the Southern Highlands of NSW, it is far more personal. She works on the family farm with her husband, Bryant and their four children – a farm that has been in their family for seven generations. 

“Dairying is our passion and our future. Our farm has been our family’s home and livelihood for generations. We’ve got so much love, not only for our animals, but for the quality Australian milk that we produce every day. It would be our dream to one day pass this farm on to our children,” McEveilly said.

Milk is one of the nation’s top purchases each week, with the average household purchasing two to three times per week*. Understandably, Australians are feeling the pinch and while many wish this wasn’t the reality, the dairy farming community has not been immune to the rising inflationary costs in items like feed, fuel, and electricity amongst others.

The dairy industry is a vital contributor to regional Australia, and Bega’s iconic dairy brands, such as PURA Dairy Farmers, Masters and Canberra Milk are produced locally in regions from Morwell in Victoria, across country New South Wales and to Malanda in far north Queensland, as well as Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Canberra. 

“Next time you’re facing the milk fridge, we encourage you to choose milk that means more – great brands like Bega’s ‘Dairy Farmers’ or ‘PURA’,” Irvin said.

“For Australians, for our farming families and our local communities. Your choice can make more of a difference than you think – and can go a long way to supporting the long-term viability of the Aussie dairy industry.” 


*About the dairy industry: In 2022, Australian dairy companies (Bega included) experienced many increased business costs including significantly higher prices paid to farmers for their milk. Bega has had to pass through many of the increased business costs in the form of higher wholesale and retail prices or mitigate the impact through various initiatives.   

*Better Farms Program: This program has delivered over 620 grants, with $1,927,688 dollars granted to eligible dairy farmers. The Better Farms Program is available to dairy farmers who currently have a milk supply agreement with Bega Cheese Limited, Tatura Milk Industries Pty Ltd, Bega Dairy and Drinks Australia Pty Ltd and Dairy Farmers Milk Cooperative and who have applied to be considered for a grant. You can find out more at 

*2022 Q1 Shopper Intelligence Report. 

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