Belt meets rigorous food safety standards

Today’s food consumers’ preferences are constantly evolving. Ingredients, packaging and portion sizes mean an operation is constantly adjusting to meet demand.

What remains constant throughout this change is the need to reduce costs, achieve sustainable operational objectives and ensure rigorous food safety requirements are met.
With Rexnord, its KleanTop line of plastic modular belts is designed specifically for food processing.

Its team of industry experts is here to help users find the right product for their operation, enabling them to meet internal production goals and deliver high-quality food for their customers.

Each belt in the KleanTop line has been designed to give food processors confidence that the conveyor they install is safe and delivers high performance in food processing applications. Each product series within the line offers a unique set of benefits for a variety of food processing applications, including:

• Food-safe materials and colours approved for direct food contact, and ideal for longevity — even in harsh applications and frequent sanitation.

• Being designed to convey optimal loads in applications to maintain throughput levels with minimal product damage.

• Optimised rod retention designs that make assembly and disassembly faster, and keep the rod in place during conveyance.

• Reinforced designs to minimise risk of product contamination.

Corporate stewardship is a shared endeavour for everyone, according to Rexnord. Eliminating waste is an important element in any company’s quest for a more sustainable operation and to do its part in taking care of the planet.

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Rexnord’s focus on engineered sustainability means companies can partner with them for products and support that guarantee optimal product handling while helping users meet productivity goals and minimise water and chemical usage.

Optimise productivity
The reliability and durability of the conveyor belting and components determine total uptime and cost to keep the line performance at required levels. Rexnord’s team of experts can help users upgrade their conveyors to increase productivity by using state-of-the-art designs and materials for the belts and components.

Minimise water and chemical usage
Sanitation is a critical part of food processing, but it also means more water and chemicals used to clean systems. Rexnord focusses on ways to help users reduce the need for excess water in sanitation through easily cleaned belt designs, or consultation on designing conveyor systems that reduce water usage overall.

Plastic modular belting
Each belting series in the KleanTop line offers a set of unique benefits to the food processing industry including reinforced edges, open hinge for ease in sanitation, and rod retention designs.

390 Series KleanTop
This unit has superior transfer capability suitable for applications with delicate baked goods, or any operation requiring careful handling of fragile products. It has a belt pitch of 8mm.

590 Series KleanTop
This belt has an optimal combination of ease in cleaning and transfer capability for the bakery, snack, fruit, vegetable, seafood, and poultry industries. It has a belt pitch of 12.7mm.

1010 Series KleanTop
This series has 60 per cent rod exposure for maximum sanitation. It is for applications in bakery, snack, fruit, vegetable and protein processing. It has a belt pitch of 25.4mm.

1090 Series KleanTop
The 1090 is designed for ease in cleaning and efficient maintenance to reduce downtime in bakery, snack, fruit, vegetable, seafood and poultry processing. It has a belt pitch of 25.4mm.


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