Benco Pack chosen by Nestle China for aseptic fill seal machine

ITALIAN-based company, Benco Pack has been chosen by Nestle China to supply an aseptic form fill seal machine for Nestle’s new range of UHT milk cream mini portions.

According to Benco Pack, its Miniasepack/32/20 was chosen by Nestle China due to its ROI and the high efficiency of greater than 95 per cent.

The horizontal aseptic machine uses a three step packaging and filling process. Containers are thermoformed starting from a roll of multi-layer plastic film, filled with the UHT product, closed by a thermo-sealed peel-able lid and then cut to the desired configuration.

Benco Pack said this process will be used by Nestle to produce UHT milk cream mini-portions of 10ml, designed to be drunk with tea and coffee. The machine is capable of outputs of up to 36,000 cups per hour.

Benco Pack is represented in Australia by HBM Packaging Technologies.

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