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Bennett St Dairy launches limited edition ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ flavour in time for Christmas

Bondi cookie company Bennett St Dairy has sparked a nationwide festive frenzy as shoppers search the shelves for its limited edition ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ flavour Christmas cookie dough which began rolling out in select Woolworths stores last week.

In a pre-Christmas game of hide-and-seek rivalling the search for that elusive ‘Elf on the Shelf’, fans of the brand have bombarded the company’s social media channels eager to find out when the flavour will be available at their local supermarket.

“We knew this flavour was going to be a hit, but we didn’t expect a reaction as big as this!” said Bennett St Dairy cofounder James Meek.

“We soft-launched in a couple of dozen Woolworths stores last week and almost immediately our socials were flooded with questions (and even a couple of very funny threats) demanding we reveal which Woolies stores would be getting delivery of our ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ dough next.”

In great news for cookie-lovers from coast to coast, Meek has today announced that the limited edition festive flavour is now available in more than 900 Woolworths stores nationally.

Shoppers can find Bennett St Dairy’s ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ dough rolls at the very end of the dairy aisle, in the refrigerated outward-facing section.

“Whether you live in Port Hedland in WA, Williamstown in Victoria or Wadalba on the Central Coast of NSW (or anywhere in between) you can pick up a roll of our ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ dough from your local Woolies today!” said Meek.

Today’s nationwide rollout of Bennett St Dairy’s ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ dough comes with a warning, though: stocks are strictly limited!

“Our Bennett St Dairy elves have been working around the clock over the past few weeks whipping up more than 10-tonnes of this delicious dough, which equates to 20,000 rolls,” said Meek said.

“Unfortunately the elves tell me they’re far too busy before Christmas to make any more… so once these 20,000 rolls are gone, they’re gone! My message is, if you see ‘em, buy ‘em!”

This Christmas edition ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ flavoured dough (RRP: $13) is Bennett St Dairy’s first holiday themed offering since the release of its ‘Raspberry Bullets & White Choc’ flavour in collaboration with Darrell Lea for Valentine’s Day this year.

“We’ve had customers calling for a red velvet flavoured Bennett St Dairy cookie for the past three years… and this Christmas we’re giving the people what they want!” said Meek.

“We reckon every special occasion calls for a special cookie and in our humble opinion there’s no more special occasion than Christmas and no more special cookie than our ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’!”

In keeping with the spirit of the season, Meek describes the new flavoured dough as the perfect blend of ‘naughty and nice’.

“We’ve added a delectable hint of cocoa and vanilla to our signature Bennett St Dairy dough, and combined it with thick chunks of white chocolate. It’s seriously ‘stuff your face’ delicious!” he said.

“So whether you whip up a batch for Santa or just eat the whole lot yourself, these goodies are guaranteed to be a Christmas crowd pleaser”

And, while Santa may prefer his cookies washed down with a glass of milk, Mr Meek is encouraging Aussies to get creative.

“It’s probably impractical to leave a tub of ice cream out overnight for Santa, but I can’t think of any logical reason why we mere mortals shouldn’t be dumping a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a piping hot and gooey ‘Red Velvet & White Choc’ cookie straight from the oven,” said Meek.


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