Berri withdraws Mexican fruit juice

The Berri Fruit Juice Company has chosen to withdraw its imported Berri Truly Juice product from shelves.

The company said the move to withdraw the product was due to the item not meeting set performance benchmarks, however the decision came soon after independent Senator Nick Xenophon, launched an attack on the company for allegedly misleading customers regarding the country of origin of the product.

Xenophon said the juice featured a ‘product of Mexico’ claim on the back of the label in small print while the Berri logo proudly claimed “since 1943”, as reported by the Weekly Times Now.

"People assume Berri uses fruit that's grown in Berri or in South Australia at the very least, not in Mexico," said Xenophon.

Xenophon was joined by South Australian Liberal MP Tim Whetstone, who also believed that the company was misrepresenting Australian growers and misleading consumers by leading them to believe that the product was Australian.

The two MPs are also planning to file complaints with the ACCC and SA Consumer Affairs over the matter.

Berri released a statement saying that the juice complied with country of origin labelling laws and Australian food standards.

"We do not apologise for investing in innovation to grow the juice category in Australia," the company said.

"In the case of Berri Truly, the product required technology not available in Australia."


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