Bet on blue – food-safe ball bearing housing

With its blue hygienic ball bearing housed units, Timken has engineered a food-safe and efficient industrial motion products. 

With its blue hygienic ball bearing housed units, Timken has engineered one of the most food-safe and efficient industrial motion products on the market.

Ball bearings see wide use in the food and beverage processing industry, particularly in vital machinery, systems and equipment.

Equally important are the bearing housing units which support the bearings, protect them from contaminants, and trap lubricant.

The right ball bearing housed unit ensures food and beverage processors won’t be disrupted by breakages, maintenance, or intricate cleaning, which translates to greater up-time and higher profits.

Timken’s hygienic ball bearing housed units are designed to be smooth and easy to clean, ensuring the highest levels of sanitation. This, coupled with food-grade Solid Lube, makes Timken’s housed units a good fit for the food and beverage processing industry.

What sets the hygienic units apart from others on the market is the optional blue polymer housing material.

Most bearing housing units come in stainless steel or white thermoplastic, but the blue colour of these Timken units can make production operations safer, says bearings expert Tony Tormey.

“Being optically detectable is a big advantage in food and beverage because if you have a production line where something falls off or gets chipped, it’s easy to find and be picked up,” says Tormey, who is the category manager for industrial bearings at Motion.

“These can elevate food safety at a plant. And safety is paramount in these operations. You can’t afford to have anything compromise the product on the conveyor lines.”

Beyond the optically detectable design, the USDA accepted and also complying with NSF/ANSI/3 A SSI 14159-1 2014 approved ball bearing housed units are comprised of smooth, cleanable parts, making them just as easy to clean as they are to spot.

And another key feature? They’re maintenance free.

“This is another big point,” Tormey explains, “particularly on the conveyor line as you don’t have to get up there and try and lubricate it.”

The thermoset housings are specially cast to eliminate voids and increase strength. Both blue polymer and stainless-steel housed options are made from corrosion-resistance materials, designed with minimal crevices and no reinforced bolt holes.

This makes for fewer places for dirt and grime to hide, without sacrificing the integrity of the unit.

The sturdy design means the product can withstand aggressive washdowns and a variety of wet and dry contaminants.

Tormey is confident in the strength of the product but also points out that customers can take advantage of the expertise the Motion team bring to the table when it comes to choosing the right bearing for their application.

“If you’re in the food manufacturing sector and are experiencing premature bearing failure, come and talk to us.”

The Timken hygienic range is available with food-grade Solid Lube or in a food-grade grease relubricable option.

Solid Lube prevents grease purge of the housed unit and eliminates the need for relubrication, which directly translates to greater up-time for production.

Motion national business development manager for Food & Beverage, Leon Stefanec, says the Solid Lube feature is another that makes the Timken hygienic housed units a standout.

“The customers love the fact that these Timken bearings come with food grade grease in them. From a compliance standpoint, these stack up really well,” he says.

“They’re premium quality and specifically designed for the food and beverage segment. Customers trust the Timken brand for being reliable and robust.

These housing units are available in all the popular sizes and are that nice and easy-to-see blue colour.”

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