Beyond Beef arrives on Australian shores

Plant-based mince that looks, cooks and tastes just like beef? Enter: Beyond Beef. The US-founded plant-based meat brand, Beyond Meat, has upped their product ante with this new addition – which will offer a versatile alternative protein choice to add to the weekly shop.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or meat-eater, the plant-based “beef” mince tastes as near as the real deal and offers consumers the choice to transform the mince into a meaty, plant-based masterpiece – think stuffed mushrooms, bolognaise, tacos and burgers.

Each pack of Beyond Beef contains more than four Beyond Burgers’ worth of mince and is now available to purchase at selected Coles stores.

Beyond Beef consists of plant-based pea protein and has no cholesterol, GMOs, soy or gluten. It packs more protein and iron than beef but with less saturated and total fat.
With many Australians recognising the health benefits of a predominantly plant-based diet, the demand for meat free products with high nutritional value has soared.

Plant-based food distributor Future Farm Co is responsible for bringing Beyond Meat to Australian and New Zealand shores and is focused on bringing the benefits of plant-based products to the mainstream.

Future Farm Co anticipates a positive response to the launch of Beyond Beef thanks to the already huge fanbase that exists in the Australian market for Beyond Meat’s range – the new mince product is set to elevate the plant-based offering available to Aussie consumers.
According to Future Farm Co, Aussie consumers of Beyond Meat® products are typically existing meat shoppers – who are looking for veggie substitutions a few times a week – and the addition of Beyond Beef is set to amplify this trend and encourage healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Beyond Beef is more pricey than beef coming in at a RRP of $18 per 500g pack.

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