Beyond Blue’s Big Blue Table to reduce the mental health stigma

Beyond Blue is making a final call to encourage people to host a Big Blue Table event – or donate to someone else’s.

Big Blue Table fundraising events have been taking place throughout October, working to fight the stigma surrounding mental health – one meal at a time.

Everyone is encouraged to share a meal and start a conversation about mental health to support those impacted by anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Big Blue Table ambassador, astrophysicist and author Dr Matt Agnew is hosting a simple picnic with friends to encourage meaningful conversations and donations to his fundraising page.

“The power of purely talking can’t be overstated – creating a safe space where people can express how they truly feel can be potentially lifesaving,” Matt said.

“It doesn’t have to break the bank or be a fancy affair, it can be a sandwich in the lunchroom or a fun gathering with friends at a backyard barbecue,”

“By making mental health an everyday topic, one that you can feel comfortable to discuss over a meal, can do so much to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.”

Beyond Blue is welcoming donations for the campaign through their website – all of which go towards funding their 24–hour support services.

All money raised through the Big Blue Table campaign goes to the Beyond Blue Support Service, providing free 24/7 counselling, advice and referrals for those in need via phone, web chat and email.

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