BFA encourages industry support for Australian Organic Market Report

THE Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA) has sent surveys to certified Australian organic operators to encourage their participation in the second Australian Organic Market Report (AOMR).

The AOMR is a biennial project commissioned by BFA with funding from Horticulture Australia (HAL) to provide regular data for the first time on the Australian domestic and export organic markets.

BFA director, Andrew Monk said the AOMR 2010 is a significant milestone in the Australian organic industry.

“For this reason we cannot encourage operators strongly enough to take the time to complete their surveys,” Monk said. “This research provides individual organic operators and industry overall with a powerful tool in the form of data which will assist with business planning, industry support and investment decisions in the future.”

Independent researchers from the University of New England (UNE) will collect information from organic farmers, processors, retailers and wholesalers to provide much sought after information on opportunities, challenges, real value, and growth of sectors within the domestic organic market.

According to BFA, the report will also help map out areas where information and training is needed to support the growth of the organic industry.

BFA’s Monk also said all certified organic operators in Australia should expect to receive a uniquely numbered survey in the post before the end of March.

To request your AOMR survey copy, or for assistance in completing the survey, contact Alexandra Mitchell at 03 6233 2404 or e-mail her at amitch30@une.edu.au.

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