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Big M’s new limited-edition flavoured milk

Big M announces the release of its newest flavoured-milk product and the return of a fan favourite – Hokey Pokey and Blue Heaven.

The beloved Hokey Pokey ice cream flavour combines the classic flavour of vanilla with honeycomb toffee flavours.

The nostalgic flavour has become much-loved right here in Australia, and Victoria’s leading flavoured milk brand is offering a playful twist on the timeless favourite.

“As we head into the warmer months here in Victoria, we’re excited to shake it up with the launch of our latest flavour,” commented Senior Brand Manager of Big M, Anne Scott.

“Our newest release combines the smooth Big M milk you know and love with the deliciously popular Hokey Pokey ice cream flavour – all bottled up for a tasty treat on the go, with a hint of nostalgia.”

The Blue Heaven flavoured milk will also be making a return, allowing Big M fans to enjoy its vanilla and raspberry flavour.

Blue Heaven is back in stores due to its popularity – but only for a short time, so lovers of the longstanding flavour will need to get in quick.

The last time Blue Heaven was on offer was in 2021, where it became the best-selling new flavoured milk product in Victoria during that year and overtook Big M Strawberry in popularity.

“We’ve been blown away by the continuous love for Blue Heaven, and we’re sure its return will be highly anticipated by our fans,” added Scott.

“We hope Victorians enjoy a trip down memory lane with the return of one of our most requested limited-edition flavours, as well as the iconic flavours of Hokey Pokey to kick off this year’s big summer of fun.”

Hokey Pokey and Blue Heaven will be available to shop in stores across Victoria for a limited time only.

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