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Big Shed Brewing Concern brings record-breaking BruChocs stout back to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of FruChocs

Big Shed Brewing Concern and confectioner Menz are back again with BruChocs, a FruChocs-inspired stout flavoured with peach, apricot and chocolate.

When the beer first launched, it sold out online in under 13 minutes. Since then, the brewers at Big Shed have released a variety of different FruChocs-inspired brews to celebrate FruChocs Appreciation Day each year.

But to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the iconic FruChoc, the original BruChocs is back, with vintage-inspired packaging and the milk chocolate, peach and apricot taste that made it so popular the first time around. “

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome back the original BruChocs stout to celebrate FruChocs Appreciation Day,” said Phil Sims, Menz CEO.

“There’s a reason FruChocs are still around after 75 years and it’s the iconic mix of tart peach, sweet apricot and rich milk chocolate that fans adore. The brewers at Big Shed have absolutely captured that in their BruChocs stout and we have no doubt that this year’s release will be just as big of a hit as it was in 2019.”

“While its always been fun to play with the different styles of FruChoc over the journey, we thought that for the 75th anniversary, and the 5th anniversary of BruChocs, it was time to go back to the OG,” added Big Shed Brewing co-owner Craig Basford.

“In our humble opinion it’s the best one we’ve done so it’s amazing to have it back to celebrate this SA icon.”

The 2023 BruChocs release will be available from FruChocs Appreciation Day, 29th September, for a limited time only. Fans should keep an eye on Big Shed’s social media for stockists.

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