Biodegradable packaging appointment

Biograde Limited, an Australian supplier of resins derived from renewable resources for the plastics packaging industry, has appointed Marplex Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of global company Orica Limited, as its Australian distributor.

Biograde, which has been named exclusive supplier of biodegradable packaging to the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games, supplies a range of renewable hybrid resins and certified biodegradable resins derived from corn starch and holds a strong patent portfolio for its innovative technology. The sustainable hybrid products allow customers to reduce the carbon footprint and oil dependence of their packaging. The biodegradable range reduces use of petrochemical materials and delivers functional benefits such as compostability, flushability, anti static, odour barrier and soft touch feel.

“To tailor biodegradable and sustainable hybrid resins for specific customer requirements in the cost conscious packaging market, we need a distributor with the skills to contribute to product development,” said Biograde Managing Director, Dr Frank Glatz.

“Marplex has a strong foot print in the packaging industry, good application skills in film and injection moulding and a long and successful history of developing markets. The Biograde portfolio will complement this. In a society increasingly aware of environmental and global warming choices, Australia’s packaging industry must learn about using ‘green’ resins for their packaging.

“The Biograde product mix allows brand owners and retailers to choose materials that best suit their packaging life cycle and sustainability strategies. Our certified resins are proven performers by international standards, including Europe’s EN 13432, USA’s ASTM D 6400, Japan’s Greenpla, and Australia’s AS 4736,” said Dr Frank Glatz.

Brand owners seek cleaner, greener packaging solutions Marplex General Manager, John Cunning, said Biograde is a natural selection for Marplex because their products offer the market technical excellence and choice across a range of applications. “Marplex has a commitment to growing its sustainable product range. With the Biograde portfolio, we will service the Australian packaging industry with a comprehensive list of resins that offer full functional benefits. They can be processed using existing equipment for injection moulding, extrusion and film blowing, and foam products.

“Biograde resins deliver what others promise. With increased consumer awareness of environmental issues, increased debate about government regulation and taxes on packaging, major brand owners and retailers are seeking sustainable packaging solutions to better position their products. Marplex believes that Biograde is poised for strong growth,” said John Cunning.

Dr Frank Glatz said the oil price peak is a strong driver in the move away from fossil based resins. “As global demand for finite oil resources grows, brand owners and retailers want new cost effective packaging options that also meet the environmental demands of regulators and consumers,” he said.

“With our product development capability, and the technical skills brought to the partnership by Marplex, Biograde looks forward to offering brand owners and retailers seeking sustainable packaging a full suite of sustainable hybrid and biodegradable solutions,” said Dr Frank Glatz.

For further information contact:

Dr Frank Glatz

Managing Director

Biograde Limited

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