BioPak releases BioCup Art Series

Australian-owned environmentally responsible packaging company, BioPak will be promoting the Australian arts through the release of its first BioCup Art Series.

BioCup has engaged six artists whose work explores environmental themes to develop the series and complement the company’s commitment to environmentally sound packaging production.

The series includes local artists Lily Rose Dambelli, Jessica Bee, Jennie Holtsbaum, Mark Gerada, Thomas Wilcox and Annie Everingham.

BioCup paper is sourced from managed plantation, and features a waterproof bioplastic lining which is made from a plant-based annually renewable resource.  

BioPak is an industry leader in developing and producing more sustainable packaging solutions with the smallest environmental impact possible.

The company sources annually renewable plant-based and sustainably sourced raw materials with all carbon emissions associated with the production, distribution and disposal of BioPak products are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

The BioCup Art Series is available nationally through BioPak approved distribution partners.


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