Blaze at QLD Capilano factory

A fire on the Capilano honey premises in Queensland this morning has not caused any injuries or impacted honey packing.

The fire on the Richlands premises in Brisbane occurred in a corner of the property, damaging a secondary honey holding and decanting sheds.

There was no damage to the main factory building, and Capilano said the fire will not impact decanting, production of bottled or packing of honey in there.

Some stored honey has been lost and damage sustained to other buildings, but the company’s main honey stocks are unaffected and it will still be able to process and pack honey to meet demand.

Capilano also has a second plant in Maryborough, Victoria as a backup for such emergencies.

The alarm was raised when the fire started and the premises evacuated, but no injuries have been reported.

Capilano has thanked the Queensland Fire and Rescue and Service for their speedy arrival to the premises and quick containment of the fire.

Fire Investigation teams remained on site to monitor the area for the following 24 hours.

Image: The Courier Mail


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