Blooming delicious: Edible Blooms Cake Pops

Product Name: Cake Pop Blooms

Manufacturer: Edible Blooms

Ingredients: Butter, sugar, cocoa, eggs, flour, buttermilk, water, dark chocolate, brownie mud mix, lemon cake, lemon jam, californian blonde mix

Shelf life: Best eaten within two days if they are un-refrigerated or four days if they are kept refrigerated.

Packaging : Ceramic bases are sourced from Apack.

Product Manager:  Lauren Faulkner, 0421166148


What the company says: 

Edible Blooms make cakes pop with new gourmet dessert range

Popular gifting site, Edible Blooms has taken its offering up a notch this month, launching into gourmet desserts with a deliciously decadent range of Cake Pop Blooms set to wow sweet tooth connoisseurs across the nation.

The Cake Pop Bloom brings together the uniqueness of the rose bud inspired design and the sophistication of three carefully selected, flavour-rich cakes plus one very special ingredient – the Edible Blooms signature bouquet treatment.

From the moist chocolate mud cake, lathered in a creamy Belgian milk chocolate, to a decadent red velvet cake, set in rose-tinted white chocolate, and a creamy lemon delicious cake dipped in Belgian white chocolate – the Cake Pop Bloom leaves nothing to the dessert junkie’s imagination. 

Edible Blooms Managing Director, Kelly Baker-Jamieson said the idea was born from a family gathering at her cousin’s home early this year.

“My cousin Karla had made cake pops as a nice, neat, mess free dessert, and whilst my mouth watered, my brain was also ticking over as to how we could work this delicious cake concept into our range of unique edible bouquets,” she said.

The cake pop concept originated in the US, where bakers began reviving old, unsold cake cut offs and leftovers, freezing them and coating them in an icing or other sweet exterior.         

Having made their comeback in America over the last year, cake pops are due for resurgence in Australia and Edible Blooms are first in line to take the concept to a new, more indulgent level.

Baker-Jamieson said, once re-introduced to the foodie scene in Australia, cake pops would become the new, modern take on cupcakes as a trendy gifting and dessert option.

"Cake pops could easily replace cupcakes as the centre piece of a high tea spread, a birthday party gift or a colour coded baby shower treat,”

“Not only are the cake pops delicious, but they offer a bite size alternative to the often half eaten cupcakes, as well as half the mess!”

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