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Blue Frog Breakfast cereals arrive in Australian supermarkets

Blue Frog Breakfast

Blue Frog Breakfast, a New Zealand cereal brand, is launching its products into the Australian market, incorporating trending health ingredients such as probiotics and collagen for the increasingly conscious consumer. 

From what started as a backyard dream for Blue Frog Breakfast founder Scotty Baragwanath, the brand has grown from the premise of coupling both amazing ingredients and a wise conscious. Blue Frog is launching into Australia to bring the BOOM to breakfast with its premium range of cereals. 

Blue Frog Breakfast is symbolic of a broader global trend towards products that not only add value, but align to values. As market research company Mintel described it in their recent report (“Consumer Identity, Brand Reputation and Cancel Culture,” 23 March 2021): “Consumers have come to see their own buying decisions as representative of their personal ethics and identity.” 

Consumers are becoming more selective and more identified with the products they buy. This trend is driving companies to become more accountable and add greater value for their customers by improving their health, reducing environmental impacts and creating enriching experiences. 

Another Mintel report, “A Year of Innovation in Breakfast Cereals, 2020” (25 November 2020), showed that Australia had the second highest per capital consumption of breakfast cereal. Yet the industry is dominated by traditional, high sugar, low salt breakfast options. 

As a product positioned for conscious consumers, Blue Frog Breakfast ticks all the standard boxes – its products use natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced and grown, are low sugar, high protein and offer grain free and gluten free options. 

But it’s the nutritional quality of the product that makes it stand out, with thousand dollars per kilo probiotics to improve gut health and collagen to improve hair, skin and nails. 

However, Baragwanath said it’s not the health benefits, but the experience that sets Blue Frog Breakfast apart. 

“Every day is worth celebrating, every moment is worth celebrating, and yet somewhere along the way we forget that and we all get used to just waking up, shovelling down something bland and then getting on with our day,” Baragwanath said. 

“Life is a series of choices that either move us closer to or further away from who we want to be and the life we want to live, so if we want to experience our full health and joy in life, that needs to be an active decision, we need to prioritise ourselves.  

“For me, Blue Frog Breakfast isn’t just a cereal, I want to create an experience where people start their day feeling nourished and delighted,” he said. 

“I want to create an experience that engages all the senses through flavours, textures and fragrances. I want people to start the day in a way that makes their heart sing.” 

The Blue Frog Breakfast Granola range is available now at Coles and the Blue Frog Premium Muesli range is available now at Woolworths. 

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