Blue wine gets thumbs down from Spanish authorities

Spanish authorities have told the makers of a beverage containing wine and blue food colouring that they are not permitted to market it as ‘Blue Wine’.

The beverage, called Gik, contains a blend of red and white wine as well as anthocyanin from the skin of red grapes and an organic pigment, indigotine which give it its blue colour.

According to the Local, the ruling was made on the grounds that wine has traditionally been red, white or Rose. There is no history of blue wine.

In an online petition against the ruling, the beverage makers complained that they now have to market the beverage in the “Other alcoholic drinks” category.

“This is unfair for all you who trust us, because you have the right to enjoy the original product; and it is absurd too, as its composition is 100 per cent wine,” the petition said.

“We had to change the composition to 99 per cent wine and 1 per cent grape to adapt the product to the current legislation.”

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