Bob Hawke launches his own beer

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who famously once held the world record for downing a yard glass, has unveiled a beer bearing his own name.

Hawke’s Lager made its debut yesterday at the Clock Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills and the 87 year-old Labor Party stalwart had the honour of pouring the first beer.

“How’s that for a pour?” Hawke said as he did the honours. “A lovely beer.”

As Good Food points out, the beer was the brainchild of Nathan Lennon and David Gibson who came up with the idea during their time working in a New York Advertising agency.

According to Lennon, it all happened on Australia Day. “It was minus 5 degrees outside. We were getting homesick and we realised all our friends were back home having nice cold beer in the sun. So we started talking about who we’d most like to have a beer with and we landed on Bob Hawke,” he said.

Hawke agreed to the project on the provision that his share of the profits be donated to Landcare, Australia’s largest environmentally-focused movement.

The brew itself contains 4.5% ABV and is brewed with all-Australian ingredients. According to the brewer’s website, it has a subtle citrus aroma, light bitterness and a gentle dry finish.

Right now, it can be purchased from 11 pubs across Sydney and Newcastle. However, it will be rolling out to the rest of Australia throughout 2017.

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