Bonfiglioli celebrates international milestone


December 2021 marked another milestone for international gearmotor manufacturers, Bonfiglioli. It’s EVO (EVOlution) plant in Italy officially produced its millionth product since its inception. 

First opened in 2019, Bonfiglioli’s EVO plant spans 58 500m² and forms part the company’s largest industrial site located in its hometown of Bologna (Italy). The plant is a state-of-the-art, Industry 4.0 enabled plant, dedicated to innovation.  

EVO was developed as part of the company’s long-term, competitive growth strategy in the field of industrial processing and handling products.   

Martin Broglia, managing director for Bonfiglioli Australia New Zealand says that while Bonfiglioli has a large local staff contingent as well as warehouse and assembly facilities, the EVO plant is of importance to the whole company. “EVO is more than just an innovative plant, EVO is a philosophy and a mindset, based on evolution, continuous growth and improvement.” 

He adds that producing one million pieces in just two years is no small feat. “Majority of manufacturing has taken place over the COVID-19 pandemic which has been an uncertain and disruptive time for the global economy and global supply chains. This is something to celebrate – having enough international demand and team members to make this milestone happen.” 


Responsible corporate citizens set to soar in 2022 

The plant was designed to follow the most recent energy efficient standards, generating more energy than is required by all buildings using renewable sources, such as a 3 MW peak power photovoltaic plant, mounted not only on the building’s roof but also in the awnings of the staff car park. 

“The pressure is on corporates – particularly multinationals – to reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). As a company comprising of more than 3,800 staff globally and producing more than one million products per annum, our footprint is significant. This plant underlines our commitment to the environment and the future of automation.” 

Speaking to the future of local automation, Martin believes that there is a strong uptake in the local market. “The key requirements are based on four criteria, namely:  product availability, quality, after-sales support and service.”  

He adds that 2022 will be another important year for IIoT enabled components. “Companies around the country are reshoring their manufacturing. Having reliable components, able to operate in real-time is of particular importance” Martin concludes. 

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