Booming Australian organics industry finding a unified voice

Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning this year when the organic industry comes together to celebrate the launch of the Love Organic Symposium, in Canberra on Wednesday. With the Government to close submissions this month on the review of the only protective organic legislation in Australia, industry leaders will join forces and stand united in creating a single, harmonised voice to Government.

Paving the way for future growth in the industry is Australia’s largest and most recognised industry powerhouse for organics, Australian Organic Ltd (AOL).

Soon to be a stand-alone, member owned, not for profit industry services group, AOL believes it is well positioned to represent the industry and its members. For some time now, AOL has been vocal in urging industry members and stakeholders to join in the journey of this organic unification.

“This is a great opportunity to unite and bring our industry together and present recommendations. Collaboration builds strength and enables us to create a clear vision for the future growth of organics,” said Rhonda Vohland, Acting General Manager AOL.

Taking place at Parliament House over two days, symposium attendees will hear from international and local industry leaders on growing a business through export and innovation. Recommendations for the structure and governance of the proposed peak body including presentations on all viable options as well as discussions on developing a road map for Australia’s Organic Industry will be heard.

Key guest speakers include David Cunningham (Assistant Secretary, Export Standards Department of Agriculture and Water Resources), Hon David Littleproud (MP Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources), Mrs Nola Marino (MP) and Hon Joel Fitzgibbon (MP).

On Thursday 15th February, Deloitte will host a public consultation to discuss a review of the regulation of organic product exports, aimed at improving direct market access for Australian organic producers.

A national survey conducted last year, revealed that organic food has a firm foothold in Aussie shopping baskets, with more than two out of three households purchasing organic products in the last year and this exciting growth trajectory is predicted to continue.

Furthermore, the 2017 Australian Organic Market Report revealed Australia officially holds the largest amount of organically managed farmland in the world at 53 per cent – local demand coupled with increasing export opportunities will further support growth in this booming industry.

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