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Boost to WA Shellfish industry

The WA Government has announced the first sublicences for the second stage of the Albany Aquaculture Development Zone (Albany Zone), to boost aquaculture production along the south coast.

At full capacity, the Albany Zone is expected to produce around 1500 tonnes of shellfish at an estimated value of $30 million per year, creating more than 200 direct jobs.

The sublicences will support Harvest Road Oceans Pty Ltd to expand its rock oyster aquaculture operations.

The Cook Government has invested $1.3 million into identifying and establishing aquaculture development zones along the south coast of Western Australia.

Aquaculture development zones provide ‘investment-ready’ platforms for large scale aquaculture operators, with environmental approvals and management frameworks already in place.

Fisheries minister, Don Punch, said the State Government is committed to supporting the growth of the aquaculture industry in WA.

“The Albany Aquaculture Development Zone builds on Albany’s long history of shellfish aquaculture and premium seafood production, and this latest development will further boost local opportunity going forward,” said Punch.

“Combined with the Cook Government’s recent investment in the Albany Shellfish Hatchery, this latest milestone will facilitate increased local shellfish output while also supporting industry diversification and regional economic growth.”

Stage one of the Albany Zone was announced in August 2020, covering 500 hectares in the Oyster Harbour area.

Stage two, covering around 310 hectares of Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound combined, was declared in December 2021.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) worked closely with the Southern Ports Authority (SPA) to finalise tenure arrangements for stage two of the Albany Zone.

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