Borouge breaks into microwavable food packaging market

Borouge, a provider of plastics solutions for packaging applications, has entered the market of microwavable food packaging for its multimodal polypropylene (PP) for blown film.

According to Borouge, its multimodal PP delivers temperature resistance and balanced seal-peel properties to provide venting features for multilayer blown film used in microwaveable food pouches.

Borouge has supplied its multimodal Borclear™ PP and Steripeel™ PP to provide the performance layers in the M-Vent microwaveable pouch produced by South East Asian food packaging manufacturer, TPN FlexPak.

With Borouge’s multimodal PP technology, the M-Vent Pouch is able to release steam from inside the pouch without opening or puncturing the pouch before placing it in the microwave.

A spokesperson for TPN FlexPak said: “It was clear from the outset that in developing M-Vent Pouch we would need film with some very special property combinations. 

“We had used Borstar® bimodal polyethylene products from Borouge for blown film packaging applications for a number of years, so we first looked to these for a solution.  However, the overall performance criteria for the pouch demanded a range of properties beyond the capability of a single film material.

“Having previously worked with Borouge on many successful projects we drew on their materials expertise to help us in defining the structure and identifying the required materials.”

According to Borouge, the solution for the M-Vent Pouch was to combine the advantages of both multimodal polyethylenes (PE) and PP in a multilayer structure.  This comprised a PE outer layer laminated to a PET substrate and a Borclear™ PP carrier layer.

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