Branded milks make a comeback

Company branded milks have a 50 percent share of the milk market, up eight percent on late 2011, with consumers putting health benefits ahead of price.

Research from Roy Morgan and scan data collected for Dairy Australia shows that – like the days before the supermarkets' $1 milk wars -branded milks are neck and neck with their home brand competitors, in terms of volume solds.

It's believed the rise of A2 milk and marketing campaigns promoting the health benefits of other milks, including permeate-free milk, have contributed to branded milks resurgence.

A2 Milk is rich in the A2 type of beta-casein protein that is a source of essential amino acids, as well as peptides.

Warren Reid, group account manager at Roy Morgan, told the Daily Telegraph that there was a spike in total milk volumes sold when $1 milk was introduced in 2011, but that had now flattened off.

"I think people said 'Great, it's on the shelf, I'm going to buy more of it because it's cheap'. So volume went up. The drop off we're seeing is people saying 'I bought too much of it. It wasn't working for me and I had to throw some away'.

"I think people are over it. They are past the $1 milk campaign. They are now on to the fact that permeate-free is there, A2 is there," he said.


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