Breakfast is going green

Breakfast food is about to go green in a good way with the UK’s third-largest supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, deciding to banish cardboard cereal boxes in favour of recyclable plastic bags.

Other companies, including the world’s biggest cereal manufacturer, Kellogg’s, and Australia’s Sanitarium Health Food, have taken note and said they may follow suit.

Weet-Bix manufacturer Sanitarium, said the environmental impact of packaging was always upper most in the company’s thinking.

“We’re continually assessing new packing technologies to look at ways of minimising environmental impact,” a Sanitarium spokeswoman said.

Kellogg’s admitted that going ‘boxless’ was one of a number of options that the company would consider.

The claims follow a decision by Sainsbury’s to sell its own-brand cereals in packets similar to those used for potato chips.

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