Brewery bins manual temperature control

Siemens recently helped Bells Brewery in the US implement a state-of-the-art automated temperature control system for its tanks, using the Siemens Braumat PCS 7 Compact.

Precise temperature control is important to Bells’ 26 different beers, each of which is brewed at a different temperature.

If the temperatures are not controlled correctly the difference between the different brands of beer becomes less distinct.

The single-loop temperature controllers the brewery was using had drawbacks, such as that the record keeping was manual, labour intensive and prone to human error.

Siemens’ system had the ability to control all tank temperatures from one location.

PCS 7 Box compresses the functionality of a complete DCS into a compact industrial PC platform which features an integrated hardened controller that operates independent of the PC.

It is actually a hybrid PLC/DCS unit, providing the best features of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) integrated into an ideal crossover application suitable for the requirements of the hybrid industry.

It offers the world’s only platform that integrates new and existing automation systems (process, batch, discrete and safety) and devices (instrumentation, analytics, motors, drives, and safety instrumented functions) within a single platform.

Although Bell’s new system has just recently been installed, performance statistics are evident and significant. The new fermentation control system has allowed the brewery a quicker throughput, reduced laborhours, and the system is easy to operate.

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