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Bring out your cheeky side with the launch of PEACHY AS

Two mates, George Dovellos and Rory Kennedy, have joined forces to create “PEACHY AS” – a 98 per cent sugar free alcoholic peach flavoured seltzer.

Crafted with passion by two dynamic Gen Z entrepreneurs and brewed in the heart of Sydney, PEACHY AS offers consumers a taste of pure refreshment, combined with a splash of cheeky, youthful energy.

Their journey began with a shared love for refreshing beverages and a desire to offer an exceptional product to consumers seeking something peachy.

George Dovellos, Co-Founder and Operational Director of Peachy Drinks said: “We wanted to create a drink that embodies the spirit of our generation – one that is bold, refreshing, and unapologetically authentic.”

“PEACHY AS is all about celebrating life’s moments with its exceptional taste and clean, crisp finish.”

“We have put a great deal of effort into perfecting the balance of peach flavour and alcohol, resulting in a drink that truly is Peachy As.”

Rory Kennedy, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Peachy Drinks continues, “The journey of us creating PEACHY AS is a testament to the spirit of innovation and determination that defines our generation.”

“We have tried to combine our unique perspectives to bring a product to the market that encapsulates the Gen Z ethos – fun, happy and free,” said Kennedy.

“I have always had a keen eye on branding, design and marketing since from a young age. Running my own social media marketing business has given me modern experience in a fast-paced industry.”

Peachy As is available on tap at The London 1875 in Paddington and the Phoenix Woollahra for immediate consumption.

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