Bringing back the snack

The Real McCoy and some of Australia’s most popular snack food brands, including Kettle Chips, Thins, Cheezels, CCs, French Fries, Samboy and Tasty Jacks, have returned to Australian ownership through the purchase of Snack Foods Limited by a group of Australian investors, including senior management of The Real McCoy Snackfood Co.

The acquisition, which was completed yesterday, will see the integration of The Real McCoy and Snack Foods businesses, which are likely to be renamed Snack Brands Australia. In addition to Snack Foods’ brands, the new entity will manufacture and distribute The Real McCoy’s existing brands — including Real McCoy’s, Jumpy’s and Burgerman — and will manufacture some of Australia’s leading supermarket brands. It will also continue to distribute the Pringles brand throughout Australia.

Commenting on the acquisition today, The Real McCoy Snackfood Co Chief Executive Officer, Paul Musgrave, said that “The Real McCoy has achieved significant organic growth over the past 15 years as a focused snack foods business, and the acquisition of Snack Foods Limited is a unique opportunity to continue along this growth path. Snack Foods’ brands have strong consumer recognition; we plan to reinvigorate them with extended marketing, product development and distribution programs and to create a stronger, focused business that is well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the fast-paced snack foods market.

“We have a number of concrete goals which we intend to meet in the next 100 days. These will include significant dialogue with customers and employees to ensure seamless integration and the correct strategy for the future.”

Musgrave said the purchase of Snack Foods Limited also benefits consumers who can now enjoy popular products that are both Australian-owned and Australian-made.

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