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Brookvale Union Apple Cider

Product name: Brookvale Union Apple Cider

Product manufacturer: Brookvale Union

Ingredients: Apples, preservatives (202,224

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: 500ml bottle

What the company says
Brookvale Union: some say they’re half horse, half human. Others believe they’re a band of pirates who’ve been lost at sea for centuries. What we do know is that they are to apple cider and ginger beer as Willy Wonka is to chocolate. They are simply all about great tasting drinks.

They don’t use pushbikes to ride around fruit orchids and collect apples in baskets. In fact, the nearest apple tree big enough to warrant being on the front of their bottle is about 40kms away.

The last vintage Dodge truck they saw was at a wreckers and it wasn’t piled high with apples or ginger in the back. For them to lay claim to regional source, geography or cider and ginger beer heritage makes no sense. In fact, it’s complete nonsense.

They do happen to know some guys, who know some guys, who are giving them a hand and sharing closely guarded secrets. Things like getting Australian apples from Australian trees (good ones) and Australian ginger from the Australian ground (good ground) to ensure things like real ginger cream and natural base products are used to create great tasting, refreshing drinks.

They’re the kind of drinks that are perfect for when you don’t feel like beer or wine.

What they can lay claim to is their brewing expertise which they’ve applied to creating innovative, fun, great-tasting cider and ginger beer with undisputable quality.

Complex yet simple, safe but dangerous, smooth yet sharp, tight but loose. That’s Brookvale Union.


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