Brownes launches new Save WA Dairy campaign [video]

The people of Perth are the guest stars of a new campaign aimed at promoting Western Australia's dairy industry.

The state's oldest dairy, Brownes, enlisted the help of 15 regular citizens who have a passion for protecting Western Australia's dairy industry.

The campaign, Save WA Dairy, was launched on 22 September and comprises a series of television ads with the West Australian locals sharing their personal message of support for farmers in the south west.

Brownes managing director Ben Purcell said there is a serious issue behind the campaign, with more than 300 million litres of milk trucked into Western Australia from the east coast every year in the form of yoghurt, cheese and other dairy products, when local dairy farmers have the capacity to supply the entire state, if given a fair price.

"We know from the most recent industry report conducted by the WA Farmers’ Federation that returns to dairy farmers are critically inadequate, and that many operators are facing the wall simply because they struggle to get a fair return," he said.

"That same report from the end of 2012 said the industry will be in dire straits if that doesn’t change. At Brownes, we’re not going to just sit back and watch that happen."

Purcell said the Save WA Dairy campaign demonstrated people were genuinely passionate about buying locally-made dairy products.

"From the response we received, it's clear that like us, people are sick of seeing imported dairy products in our supermarkets."



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