Bruers ad slams pastuerised beers as “cooked” [VIDEO]

A new ad campaign for Bruers Bright takes a potshot at the widespread practice of pasteurising beer, going so far as to label most beer “cooked”.

Bruers Bright, by Pacific Beverages is brewed in the Bluetounge brewery in Newcastle, and is described by Bruers as:

“Australian style draught lager with a clean fresh aroma, a fruity individualistic palate and a soft bitter aftertaste”.

The beverage was dreamed up with the help of key customers which is currently being rolled out to selected venues across the eastern sea board.

Bruers have been keen to push the freshness of their  product from the start, and the latest ad which has been released on YouTube.

“Most beer in Australia is effectively cooked before it is served, which makes it no different to bottled beer,” said Paul Gloster, chief marketing officer of Pacific Beverages told marketing blog Mumbrella. “Our film plays on the abnormality of that, and how Bruers Bright is different.”

The new ad is critical of the pastuerising process that many breweries use to increase the shelf life of beer.

A keg of non-pastuerised beer will keep for around 45-60 days, whilst pastuerised beer will last from 90-120 days.

Pastuerised beer is also more resistant to heat fluctuations which could cause the fermentation process to start again and spoil the product.

This is just the latest move in beer industry which has seen the dominance of CUB and Lion Nathan stables decrease with smaller players like Coopers and Pacific Brands eating into their market share.

Whilst Bruers may claim its the only unpastuerised bright beer on the market, it does deal with a case of selective amnesia  to the independent boutique brewery’s quietly plying their trade.

However the video does call into question the process of pastuerising beer, and unpastuerised beers become a wider trend, it could mean shorter shelf lives and a greater chance of wastage.


Do you think the ad makes a valid point, or are they all full of bluster?

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