Bulk solution for coding and labelling

Imaje has responded to the call of bulk handling and processors with the release of the I2000 pallet and I9000 I4000 Series.

The I2000 print and apply label applicator provides a fast, fuss-free print and apply solution that runs with minimal human interaction and training, while delivering a high standard of performance under various environmental conditions.

The bulk handling industry has key criteria when acquiring new technology, primarily: simplicity of operation, robustness and reliability to ensure maximum up-time.

The I2000 combines revolutionary technologies with a user-friendly interface to optimise usability.

This approach to styling has won two worldwide design awards for its superior modular design and simple operation, as well as the innovative I9000 range of inkjet printers identifiable by their very friendly interface and no-fuss, no-waste and no-error cartridge system.

Some of the features that the I2000 has to offer are that the consumable’s service life is synchronised to minimise interruption to the customer’s workflow.

The I2000 is flexible enough that the rest of the production line can be designed without being limited by the positioning of labels onto the packaging.

Imaje 2000 Series is extremely versatile with tamp, wipe and blow applicators, with the ability to place labels onto the front, side, or on two adjacent sides of a case or pallet.

Keeping in mind the various products handled in bulk processing, the applicators work with extreme precision and handle all packaging, including fragile goods and pallets.

The compact design of the I2000 allows it to fit into tight spaces and the systems operate as either stand-alone applications or as part of a network.

With a print speed of up to 300 mm per second, the I2000 offers a complete print and apply solution suitable for demanding bulk handling conditions.

Being proactive and future-ready by nature, the design is able to adapt to the use of RFID labels for even faster handling and traceability.

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